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Accelerating University of Lampung Excellence on Cassava Through Breeding & Technology

The development of the average harvested area of cassava during the year 2012-2016, shows that there are 8 (eight) Indonesia provinces of central cassava with extensive contribution to the harvest of 89.50%. Lampung Province with harvested area average 300 thousands hectares is dominant that contributes 27.71% of national harvested area.

Then, followed by East Java Province contributes to the national harvest area of cassava about 14.80% or 158 thousand hectares per year. Moreover, Lampung Province was well known as the biggest producer of Cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz.) in Indonesia.  Cassava production in Lampung Province was about 33.93% of national cassava production during 2012-2016 (Figure 2) with production average about 7.74 million tons per year.  However the cassava production is still low around 20 ton/ha.  This production needs to be increased to be closed to potential cassava yield.  One of promising methods to increase cassava production is breeding for high yield.  Cassava breeding program in University of Lampung is crossing (half sib mating design and open pollination).  After evaluating and selecting for high yield character, such families then would be clonally propagated.

The University of Lampung, as the biggest university in Lampung Province with their laboratory infrastructure and human resources capabilities, has highly potential as a lead to overcome those problems by engaging the government, industries, other research center, and communities as potential collaboration partners. Long experience of the University of Lampung on collaboration with other universities and research center in abroad also will increase the ability of University of Lampung to develop “Sustainable Cassava Based Industries in Lampung Province”.  

Accelerating the Indonesia Cassava Centre of Excellence (ICCoE) in the University of Lampung will entail support for rehabilitation of infrastructure and equipment, library materials, graduate training, short-term training and workshops. Technology generation and dissemination will address the whole value chain for cassava from research on crop production through to post-harvest handling, marketing, processing and consumption undertaken through a mix of commissioned research, competitive grants and other mechanisms. Short-term food crisis responses will concentrate on addressing shortage of planting materials through strengthening capacity of public and private sectors to carry out production of seed, including support for the entire seed system from basic seed production through certification and regulation. The University of Lampung will be responsible for monitoring and evaluation, from establishing a baseline through to impact and will carry out policy analysis and advocacy at national and regional levels with particular attention to cross-border movement, technology transfer, dissemination and adoption.


Contact: Dr. Kukuh Setiawan:
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