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Postharvest physiological deterioration (PPD) is a global challenge in the improvement of cassava value chain. However, how to reduce cassava spoilage and reveal the mechanism of injured cassava storage roots in response to PPD were poorly understood. Meanwhile, selecting new varieties with high tolerant with PPD is also the long-term aim for Chinese breeders.

Fortunately, a new cassava variety SC No.14 (Manihot esculenta SC No.14) with PPD tolerance was selected by Tropical Crops Genetic Resources Institute, Chinese Academy of Tropical Agriculture Science (CATAS) in 2016. Professor Songbi Chen′ team collected it from Qiongzhong County in Hainan province at 2010. Through asexual propagation, variety comparison test, production test and other regional test about 6 years, they found it also has good yield and wide adaptability.

Production test showed that, average yield of fresh roots at 12-month was 38.32 t/hm2, it was higher than South China No.5 (35.01 t/hm2), a main cultivar in China, the proportion was 9.45%. Dry matter content of SC14 was 34.20%, slightly higher than the SC5 (33.70%), the starch content of SC14 was 23.20%, slightly lower than the SC5 (23.95%), while the hydrocyanic acid content of SC14 was 26.52mg/kg. It showed resistant to rot postharvest physiology deterioration (PPD), SC14 does not appear PPD phenomenon when stored at room temperature more than 15 days, while SC5 showed PPD phenomenon after 4-6 days.

SC14 was a new variety with PPD resistant, low hydrocyanic acid content, wide adaptability and yield stability. In the present study the DNA fingerprinting of SC No.14 was developed. It would provide a theoretical basis with the protection of new varieties and property identification.


Figure 1 Field evaluation in Wangwu cassava base

Figure 2 Tuberous roots of SC14


Dr. Songbi Chen:


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