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Cassava genetic resources and crop improvement in Thailand

Rayong Field Crops Research Center, (RYFCRC), Department of Agriculture (DOA), Thailand, had duplicated a set of cassava germplasm core collection of more than 600 accessions which included the local collection of Thailand. The cassava germplasm in Thailand is utilized in breeding programs for many purposes.

The main use in breeding programs is to develop varieties for industrial purpose, edible use ethanol production and resistance to pest and diseases. Moreover, the other objectives are to study the physiology and morphology of these accessions. The objective of this study is documentation and characterization of the varieties, with regard to color of leaf, apical color, stem color, stem epidermis color, number of branches per plant, the color of the root, the color of the cortex of roots, the number of roots per plant and agronomic traits such as yield, starch yield, harvest index, flour, etc., as well as resistance to pests and diseases. A database of each accession for the purpose of its use in breeding program was prepared by using IBP ( BMS ) program. The attributes included yield, high starch content, high protein content, and resistance to pests and diseases. There are many released varieties from cassava genetic resource to proved cassava crop improvement in Thailand. Such as Rayong 1, 2,3,5,7,9,11,72,90 and 86-13.



Rayong 86-13





Rayong 86-13 is one of the F1 hybrid seeds produced by Rayong Field Crops Research Center in year 2003 under the cassava varietal improvement project of the Department of Agriculture (DOA) which had the objective to select for high starch yield varieties. The parents are Rayong 11 and Kasetsart 50. Rayong 86-13 had higher root yield and starch content than Rayong 5, Rayong 7 and Rayong 9. It has average fresh root yield 28.21 t/ha. It has average starch content 26.3 percent.  It has average starch yield 7.48 t/ha.

Contact:  Dr. Prapit Wongtiem:

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